Glacial Ridge Growers proudly continues our line of "Glacial Ridge Organics". We are able to supply you with organic herb and vegetable plants. Enjoy!

18 pots/flat - $25.50/flat

Volume of each selling unit: 12.17 fl. oz. or 365 ml


***Certified Organic Vegetable Plugs for Vegetable Growers; 72 Count Tray - $30.00 (includes seed). We try to obtain seed with at least a 90% germination rate. (In some cases, due to seed sources this may not be possible) 

***Varieties are listed in organic 18 count section of the catalogue. There will be a $5.00 up-charge for Red Knight Pepper, Bell Boy Pepper, Golden Bell Pepper, Cantaloupe, & Yellow Doll Watermelon due to seed costs. 

***Seed quality is very important if you supply your own seed. 

***These are direct seeded plugs. Germination; and therefore, the number of plants per tray depend upon the germ rate of your seed.