Pollinator Pak

MSHS wants gardeners to have easy options for planting pollinator gardens. Glacial Ridge Growers in Glenwood, MN is supporting this effort by growing pollinator plant variety market packs. Help MSHS by selling them to your customers – a $3 donation per flat ordered is given to MSHS from Glacial Ridge. 

These specially selected paks are designed to help your gardeners create habitat in their gardens for pollinators. There are 4 market pak collections: one for bees, one for butterflies, one for Hummingbirds, and one for Monarchs. 

These handy market paks with colorful handles are an easy sell for today’s gardeners who are concerned about the challenges our pollinators are facing. Each 6 pak has 6 different perennial plants (most are natives) designed to attract a specific pollinator. Plus, they provide interesting color and texture to our sunny gardens. 

Each flat holds 3 market paks of the same pollinator mixture. The plant mixtures have been carefully selected so that all six plants in a market pak have similar watering needs at your garden center. All of these market paks should be placed in a full sun location in your sales area.