Glacial Ridge Growers proudly continues our line of "Glacial Ridge Organics" which is certified by Where Food Comes from Organic (WFCFO). We are able to supply you with organic herb and vegetable plants. Enjoy!

18 pots/flat - $25.75/flat

Volume of each selling unit: 12.17 fl. oz. or 365 ml


***Certified Organic Vegetable Plugs for Vegetable Growers; 72 Count Tray - $30.00 (includes seed). We try to obtain seed with at least a 90% germination rate. (In some cases, due to seed sources this may not be possible) 

***Varieties are listed in organic 18 count section of the catalogue. There will be a $5.00 up-charge for Sweet Olly Pepper, Sweet Oranos Pepper, Golden Bell Pepper; Cantaloupe, and Yellow Watermelon due to seed costs. 

***Seed quality is very important if you supply your own seed. 

***These are direct seeded plugs. Germination; and therefore, the number of plants per tray depend upon the germ rate of your seed.