Special Order Guidelines for 2024

special-order.jpgSpecial orders for plants not on our regular catalogue list will be subject to the following:

  • Minimum Orders for each special-order variety is 10 full flats of each variety
  • You must supply all seed for special varieties as follows:
    • 1000 seeds per ten finished 48-count flats
    • 500 seeds per ten finished 18-count flats
  • All special orders and the seeds must be to us by January 20, 2024

We search for the best varieties of every plant we grow and feel we provide an extremely large selection of all our flowers, vegetables, herbs, perennials and native perennials.

We will be growing all our perennials and herbs in 18-count trays. Most of our customers prefer this size for its larger water-holding capacity, ease of maintenance and larger root system.