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Sambucus canadensis - Elderberry - 8 pots/flat
Amelanchier alnifolia - Saskatoon Serviceberry - 8 pots/flat
Fine ornamental bush with pretty white flowers and delicious fruit
Cornus sericea - Red-Osier Dogwood - 8 pots/flat
A loose spreading shrub with creamy, white blossoms
Diervilla lonicera - Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle - 8 pots/flat
Physocarpus opulifolius - Ninebark - 8 pots/flat
Medium to large, multi-stemmed, green or yellow foliage
Prunus virginiana - Chokecherry - 8 pots/flat
Suckering shrub; fruit is sour and bitter until very ripe
Symphoricarpos albus - White Snowberry - 8 pots/flat
Deciduous shrub with irregularly lobed leaves; snow white berries in late summer
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus - Red Snowberry - 8 pots/flat
A spreading shrub that has purple-red berries that persist through the winter
Virburnum trilobum - American Dwarf Cranberry Bush - 8 pots/flat
Quick-covering low hedge with edible bright red, fall berries
Ceanothus americanus - New Jersey Tea - 8 pots/flat
Small shrub native to North America. Leaves were used for tea during the American Revolution.
Grapes - Marquette - 15 Pack

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