Here in west central Minnesota, among lakes and prairie marshland carved into the rolling countryside, we continue to grow and propagate plants that have resided here since before written history.

Ice and snow shaped and tilled the land preparing it for a diverse and stunning covering of grasses and flowers. The area became an ever-changing landscape, with four seasons of color and shimmering texture. The scale and grandeur of the wild prairie land inspired awe and wonder among the first explorers.

At Glacial Ridge we nurture the natives, producing the same handsome and hardy plants that have inhabited the prairies for centuries. We strive to bring back and restore the genetics of the past to insure the beauty and diversity of the future. Now everyone can experience a bit of what the early explorers to the Great Plains experienced. We are "Restoring the native prairie one backyard at a time."
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Restoring the Prairie One Backyard at a Time!

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