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Cucumbers - Patio Snacker
"Fast food from your patio"; healthier than a burger; 8" x 1-1/2"; high yield
Eggplant - Bambino
Minature, tiny 1" dark beauties in clusters for shish-ka-bob; 12" tall
Kale - Black Magic
Dynassaur type, uniform, large, wide, straight leaf, bug resistant, baby leaf
Peppers - New Ace
Dark green to red, sweet tender, vigorous grower
Peppers - Pretty N Sweet
Ornamental edible; 1 oz short daggers; yellow, orange, red
Squash, Summer - Caserta - 18
Zucchini, compact bush; 16" long gray green, dark green stripes, extra tasty old time flavor
Tomatoes - Bush Allstar
Ideal pot tomato, 7 oz red beefsteak, super strong stem, protective rugose leaf; cage it to support the weight of 40 tomatoes
Peppers -  Lunchbox Mix
Mini sweets, perfect fresh snack or sautee or on salad, 2½" long, 30" tall plant, mix of all colors
Tomatoes - Micro Tom
Cherry, tiny 3/4" fruit, ultra compact 12" tall plant, very unusual, novelty for windowsills or patio pot

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